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Garage Conversion London

garage_conversionHave you decided to convert your garage? Many people use their garage space to store their garden tools or other stuff. If you need your garage to be more spacious, you can take advantage of our garage conversion services, provided locally in London. Our job involves inspection, design, installation of doors, window matching and providing anything necessary for your garage conversion. Our builders are very adept at this job and they complete every step with precision. We are detail-oriented and we like to focus on the results.
Many people choose our garage conversion service because they want to enhance their properties’ value.

We are always here for you, no matter what you’re planning to use your garage for. Make an appointment.

Complete Garage Conversion

Here in London, we have done lots of garage conversion projects and it’s our specialty already.

We can both deal with partial conversions and complete conversions. Require more information by phone or e-mail and share your goals with us.

The work includes the following:

  • General inspection of area
  • Discussion and project design
  • Partial and complete garage conversions
  • Replacement of doors and windows
  • Dealing with lighting, plumbing and heating

Most probably your garage conversion will not require planning permission, but if it does, our specialists will take care of it. Plans will be drawn by qualified architects and then submitted to the local authorities for approval. We may have to wait for weeks to get approval, so you need to be patient.

garage_conversion02With all the plans carried out, our builders can begin converting your garage. An important part of the process is that the conversion meets all standards and regulations. It is done for your safety. Building control aims at supervising all the building work to make sure it meets the set standards. Without that, you can never be sure your garage conversion is safe for your family. We work locally – currently serving London – and we have done lots of garage conversions so far. You can always take a look at our completed projects anytime you wish. Call our assistants and ask for more information about our work.

You’ll see that we are completely trustworthy and worthwhile. Calling us on the phone is not the only option. You can e-mail us. Use our contact number and e-mails to get in touch with us. You won’t regret it.