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Dormer Loft Conversion London

dormer_loft_conversionDormer loft conversation is a wonderful way to maximise your loft space and use it optimally. The dormer extends from the rear of the estate, and is usually built on a flat roof. The front of the building can have Velux windows installed. You can have rendered or tiled side to make your dormer loft conversation suit your property. Use our services, available for all residents of London, to order any type of dormer loft conversion you want implemented in your property. It is one of the most used types of loft conversion and it maximises the space of a sloping roof by creating a nice and well designed square room.

Bespoke Dormer Loft Conversion

We can provide you the planning and implementing of the dormer loft conversation you need.

The styles of dormer loft conversation we can offer you are:

  • Flat Roof Dormer – the roof will be constructed flat
  • Shed Dormer – this is a single planed roof, which has smaller angle than the basic roof
  • Hipped Roof Dormer – a dormer conversion, constructed with a hipped roof

Our builders and architects can implement each one of these types of dormer loft conversion. They will offer you the most appropriate type for your property. The dormer loft conversion will be done to protrude in a vertical direction from an oblique roof. It will create more floor space and height in your building. The new rooms, done after implementing dormer loft conversion, will have vertical walls and perfectly flat, horizontal ceiling.

dormer_loft_conversion02They will have square shape. Our company can offer you hipped roof and gable front dormer loft conversions, if you want your property to look attractive on the outside. We will use some of your internal space and may cost a little more. Depending on your priorities and the initial idea you have and want implemented in your property, our builders and architects will do the type of dormer loft conversion each customer needs. If you live in London and need this service, use our call centre, e-mail or website to book it. Usually dormer loft conversion can be done without gaining planning permission. If such is required our staff will make sure the customer receives it.

Use our website or call our customer support centre to order your dormer loft conversion. It is provided in London every day.